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The Waltz is emerging around 1789. The word Waltz means "turn" and is generally accepted that comes from the whirling dances so popular among German farmers.

The steps are counted three times: one step long joining two short steps with a 3x4 rhythm.


The Foxtrot is a dance created by comedian Henry Fox in 1914. Fast trotting steps to ragtime music.

The time is 4x4 and it is danced with a long step in two times followed by two short steps.


The Swing spread across the major orchestras of the 30's. It is jazz dance music.

The pace is 4x4. It begins with three short steps and pausing in the fourth quarter.


Dance derived from the Cuban mambo. Very easy and popular for its rhythm and the repetition of his name in three quick steps.

Time is 4x4, is taking two slow steps followed by three quick chachacha.


This dance originated among African slaves, who were brought to Argentina and was in this country where this dance became popular.

The basic figure is the square: three steps forward, one quick step aside and close at the pace of 4x4.

Rock and Roll

It is introduced as a new form of dance among American youth with Billy Haley and his Comets in the movie Rock Around the Clock.

Time is 4x4, it is danced with two steps, followed by two series of three quick steps.


Funny, warm and sensual, Salsa is a “fusion dance”, because, as the name suggests the flavor of this dance lies in its combination of rhythms with elements of Afro-Cuban jazz compositions, samba and rock.

The rhythm of salsa is divided into eight times of which two are paused.


This richly romantic dance was born in Santo Domingo in the 50s, influenced by the son, bolero and merengue.

The pace of bachata is four times. The fourth quarter usually coincides with a rise of hip

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