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The purpose of attending a ballroom dancing class is to learn to dance and have fun at the same time. These two premises are the bases on which methodology is developed during the ballroom course of the College Chaminade of University of Madrid.

The teachers have the knowledge and experience of many years to transmit in a very didactic manner the basics of the main ballroom dances.

The result is that you will be able to slide to the rhythm of the Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Tango, Rock & Roll, ChaChaCha, Tango, Mambo, Merengue, Pasodoble….

Learning is gradual, devoting the weekly class time to two or three types of dance.

It begins with the Waltz and the Foxtrot and little by little it is going to other dances such as Swing, Rock & Roll and also Latin dances Tango, ChaChaCha, Merengue, Salsa…..


In recent years, Latin dances have taken a leading role among the young. That is why in response to the demand of the University Community, that nourishes mainly our Classroom, has been stablished, in the same way, an academic course devoted entirely to the Salsa, both Cuban and Online, and also Bachata.

Latino teachers, who have gone through our Classroom, were accomplished dancers with great pedagogical skills.

Also, taken advantage of the facilities that give us the new technologies, we intend, at the end of the class, to record with a video in a schematic way the explanation of the step or figure that has been taught, followed by their representation with music. In this way, the students will have access to a library of the class summaries received, to remember the steps and practice them.


This School is the most senior of all the Ballroom Schools of Madrid. In the classes are taught all kind of dances from Waltz to Tango, Fox-trot, Swing, Rock and Roll, Mambo, ChaChaCha, Salsa, Pasoboble, Merengue,...

Ballroom Dancing School Chaminade College Pº Juan XXIII nº 9 Madrid Metro L6 Metropolitano

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